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Vanessa KempABOUT US

We are an Aromatherapy company based in Gloucestershire creating boutique quality Bath melts, Essences and Soaps.

Kemp Aromatherapy Treatments maintain traditional handmade methods. Therefore the high quality of our bath products is controlled all the way through the manufacturing process, from the raw materials to the finished product. This way we ensure the end result is perfect. The ingredients we use are of the highest quality and substainably sourced, and when they are combined with our unique scents (only 100% pure essential oils) we’re able to create something really special.>

Bespoke quality at affordable prices.



The idea came to me one Christmas Day when upon opening my presents I had received a total of 28 boxes of chocolates. Wow now don’t get me wrong - I love chocolates. I then decided to take a bath and was slightly disappointed when I realised I had nothing to put in - no luxurious bubble baths or oils, nothing to pamper, so I just lay in the bath thinking. I though about what made people buy chocolates, apart from the obvious and I started to imagine if I could drop these chocolates into the bath – hence the birth of the bath melt. Something beautiful, fragranced with the exquisite aromas of pure essential oils (not to mention the therapeutic benefits of these precious oils) looking like a chocolate, packaged in a beautiful presentation box, no calories!

I took these to my local farmers market (Stroud - the Best in the Country). My customers could not get enough of them. Presents for all occasions Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Wedding Favours, Wedding gift, Corporate gifts, Mothers day, Cracker fillers, Table gifts, Gifts to take to a party instead of chocolates, Thank you, Congratulations - the list is endless.

Kemp Aromatherapy Treatments (Kat) Ltd was formed as a limited company in 2003 when Vanessa Kemp decided to take her products from a local market to become a national and international brand.

Our bubble bath melts, bath essences and soaps are now sold throughout Britain and internationally, but they are still handmade in Gloucestershire in a small factory unit in converted farm buildings on the banks of the River Severn.



I was born and raised in New Zealand. One of my early childhood memories is of visiting my grandfather’s chemist’s shop in York on a family trip to England. I couldn’t see over the counter but I loved watching my grandmother make lipsticks and cosmetics while my grandfather blended his own magic creams and lotions for customers.

Back in England as an adult I trained at the leading Shirley Price International College of Aromatherapy and for the past 12 years have run a successful private practice in Gloucestershire.

I soon started blending my own products – the first was a pain relief lotion for a client with arthritis which remains a best seller. As I lay in the bath one day thinking about Belgian chocolates, my bath essences ought to look a little more luxurious and the idea of the bath melt was born. I started selling them in Stroud Farmers’ Market but they soon gathered an enthusiastic following and by 2002 I needed to move production into a small factory unit.

Now my bathmelts and bath essences are sold all over the world, but I remain true to the concept that everything should be handmade, pure and ethically sourced (where possible). I continue to create new blends and products and still massage one day a week at an NHS doctor’s surgery. And I still man my stall at the farmers’ market some Saturday mornings.

I live with my husband Mark, young son Freddie and a variety of cats, chickens, sheep, alpacas and pigs on a farm just a mile or so from the factory unit.

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